Baby Fever

I was given an amazing opportunity the other day.
My BFF Tiffany had a little boy 2 weeks ago and she wanted me to snap a few pictures of him. Which of course turned into hundreds because he's so amazingly handsome :)

So let's meet this little wonder who was only 11 days old the day we shot. 


I hope this gave you a little bit of baby fever... I'm off to ask my husband for another :)
(The answer is always No. Boo!)

Have a great day!

Ninja Party

Confession time.

So I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to kids birthday parties. Big Time Nerd.
Start with a theme from the little man and I can't help but get giddy with all sorts of ideas.

I was pretty excited when Treven picked Ninja. I've seen some recent parties in Blogworld related to the Ninja theme, so I was ready to roll :)

For me, it all starts with the invites. I was really inspired by a card I saw on Etsy, so we started with that. 

ninja invitations

ninja envelopes

.The cartoon talk bubble and throwing star carried over onto the envelopes.

ninja favors

The favors were fingertraps, chinese fans, little ninjas, glasses, raisins and fortune cookies. They were all packaged up within a takeout container with a ninja and a good luck coin attached to a thank you tag.

For the dessert table:

candy sushi

throwing star cookies

dipped fortune cookies

ninja cake pops

nunchuk cake

the setup

I strung balloons onto a string and used pushpins to attach them to the ceiling. Then I grabbed a piece of artwork we have downstairs and brought it up to use as a backdrop. Ninjas/Talk bubbles were used as tags for the food.

And then I completely forgot to pop popcorn and fill the containers... oops! :)

We served pizza for lunch. Treven's thinking was that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles eat pizza, so that means all ninjas eat pizza. Love it! We set up the back deck with low tables so the little ninjas could eat dojo-style. And of course, I forgot to take a picture of this beforehand with everyone's favor box set out....

But here's the aftermath :)

The kiddos jumped on the bouncy house for the majority of the time. Oh did I mention 22 kids were there? Oh yes. Big thanks to our friends who helped us out that day! (And who also got a turn in the bouncy house!) Then it was time for cake. Nunchuks!

Another confession. My kiddo is totally faking this for picture sake. He's pretty good at it.
(It was a bit windy for the candles to stay lit.)

Our little Ninja, Harper, had fun watching her big brother at his party!

And that was the Ninja Party! Thanks so much for stopping by!


let's get started

I must admit...
I was a little hesitant to start this blog.

There are so many great blogs out there and I will say its a bit scary to try and find your voice in the blogging world.

But why not? Maybe I'll have a piece of advice that someone will take to heart. Or a how-to that someone has been dying to try.

Take a chance!

So here I am... Hello Blog World :)